Easter 1 -The Entrepreneurship Team Experience – Online – English

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Age: For kids aged 13 to 17
Schedule: From 6 to 10 April (14:00 to 15:30 CET)
Tools: The classes take place on online tools such as Zoom, Glowbl, Skype and Discord.
Other: This class will be held with a minimum of 5 participants.
  • Day 1: Take a fun introductory quiz, get introduced to what it is to be a startupper resolve some challenges and design some solutions.
  • Day 2: Prepare for market feedback: design 3 user personas using online tools (that are existing) and prepare a questionnaire.
  • Day 3: Get your questionnaire online (google forms) and learn how to integrate it into the FlopAcademy website. Use your own social media channels to ask your family and friends to fill the questionnaire.
  • Day 4: Learn to prepare a promotional post, design a Facebook post, set target audiences, launch the post on the FlopAcademy Facebook page.
  • Day 5: Prepare a pitch, what is a pitch, convince your customers, Record your pitch on video and send it over to be evaluated, Closure.

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What is FlopCamp?
FlopCamps are a dedicated path to entrepreneurship, where through the deployment of specific sessions our coaches will support you and/or your team to develop entrepreneurially your own idea. Whether the project is to create the new school newspaper or take your scientific experiment to market, our coaches will engage you to think entrepreneurially, to test, to try, to prototype, to make mistakes and to learn from them… Until, eventually, success is achieved. But of course, flopping can also be viewed as a success.

Why FlopCamp?
Maybe your child is the next great entrepreneur. Maybe you yourself are the next great entrepreneur, the next gamechanger who will solve our global challenges. Test your creativity and find out if you have an entrepreneurial mindset! Through program you will understand how to think entrepreneurially and how to execute your own specific project. Your team will be coached and accompanied along a challenging path that will lead you to flop or succeed. But, whatever the result, you will have gained valuable experience.

During this 5 day camp, you will need a computer with an internet connection. With our virtual assistant software, we will put your kids into small groups and give them assignments in real time. We will be mirroring the same programs as we do offline, but from your home instead of a physical location. Each assignment will be tailored to this situation.
Teenagers from 13-17 years who are motivated to learn more about entrepreneurship.
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