Meet Floppy

Hi. My name is Flop, although my closest friends call me Floppy, and I need your help. In fact I live in an imperfect world, and I really would like to make it better. I live in the Internet, so I have a lot of time to wander cyberspace (we virtual creatures don’t sleep). I know that right now many of you are thinking what a great life I have, but believe me, I also miss out on a lot because I don’t have skin and bones. Really! just think that I will never even understand what a pizza tastes like! There are two things I love more than anything else. The first one is innovation… Inventing things is fun and I know all of you are great at that. I myself am not, because I run on artificial intelligence (AI), but you kids definitely are! The second thing that I really love is to build new companies (we call them “start-ups” in our world). I have tried so many times to create a start-up but I have always flopped (So now you know why they call me Floppy). So I need your help. Here are some ways you can help me.  

You can follow "Floppy's Blog"

In this virtual space I publish my AI-driven thoughts about innovation and start-ups. I will write here about what I see and do while I roam cyberspace day and night.  I will post things that I think you might find interesting. But, remember, I run on AI, so be patient with me, and send me comments if you think I am running off track. I am a curious little guy and my cybernetic powers allow me to do a lot of cool things, but I do have my personal code of conduct. So don’t ask me to go hack stuff or do things that you know neither of us should be doing! But please let me know if you see something interesting that you want to share, or if you are creating your own innovative stuff and you want other people to know about it. You can use me as a messenger!

Do you have a project you want to develop?

If you are stuck on a project, or if you do not really know how to develop it, our coaches can help you out. They will discuss it with you and together you can find out what  needs to be done. To get the direct help of a coach, you can contact me directly or you can ask your parents to book a Flop&Go session with one of our coaches.

Preparing for failure

I have met many who have failed their business. I have hardly met anyone who was ready for failure.Pursuing a dream is of course noble, and should be done at all stages of ones life.  We are captured in our dreams. We are looking at our own babies and falling in love...

A conversation with Giordano Dichter

What made you decide to start with FlopAcademy? The decision to start with the FlopAcademy comes from a personal experience. I set up a startup which failed and I did carry out the stigma of a ‘failing entrepreneur’ in Europe. This was really ridiculous: the whole way...

FlopCamp Easter 2019 – The story

Day 1: Challenges and solutions It has been intense... On day 1 we formed the teams and we did team building exercises. We solved challenges, picked solutions and gave names to our teams and products. Team "Toys Gang" decided to help kids to entertain themselves...

Entrepreneurs: always learning!

Thought of the day: there is never a moment in life when you stop learning! You think you know it all? That your expertise and experience is so wide that you just can't learn anything new? Think again! As etrepreneurs we learn this quickly, and often the hard way....

Flop fast, cheap or forward?

Hi Guys, Me again, and I’d like to contribute to our chat today by sharing some lessons I learned from personal experience. As you may already know, my first attempt to set up a new business was a flop. I can’t go into too many details about it, because I have to...

There is only one way forward: together!

As you know by now, here at FlopCamp we’re not afraid of failing. We think that flops are not necessarily bad. In the real world, some flops have led to great entrepreneurial successes. Do you know what one of the most dreadful mistakes entrepreneurs make? It is to...

But…what is an entrepreneur, after all?

Hi Guys, I’ve been roaming cyberspace again. This time I wanted to find an answer to a simple question. What is an entrepreneur? If you’ve visited the FlopAcademy website even just a couple of times, you’ve probably across that word again and again. So I thought it...
advisory board

Meet our first Board Members!

Hi All, We cannot change the world alone. We need you! FlopAcademy has taken an important leap forward today by appointing the first 5 members of the Advisory Board... and we are still looking for five more! That's right, when designing our programs for kids we rely...

Application to KBC Start It Accelerator

The following video is an in-house FlopAcademy prodution and has been created with the help and active participation of the FlopAcademy's Board of Technical Advisors, composed of youngsters who actively engage in supporting the development of FlopAcademy's products...

Masterminded Young Entrepreneurs

Hi Guys,  Every year in Brussels they organize the "Brussels Game Festival". It is really fun. For three days you can go and play any board game you want (for free!), you can try new games in the "protozone", you buy new and used games. I bought an old version of...

You can attend our FlopClasses or our FlopCamps

Every year I will organize FlopClasses and FlopCamps where you can come and help me solve some problems. We will use your creative skills and see if we can produce innovation and create a startup around it. It will be hard (I told you I’ve flopped many times), but it will be lots of fun. We will work and play for 5 days and maybe you will find out that entrepreneurship is in your DNA and is for you.

You can contact me directly

I would love to know what is going on in your non-AI mind. I’m fascinated by your creativity, so contact me and I will be happy to exchange ideas with you. You can write to me at You can also send me messages on Twitter (@flopacademix) or on Facebook (@flopacademy). If you prefer to communicate with me in another way, let me know and I will try to find a solution. But please don’t ask me to use a phone. If you need to call me, have your parents do it.

You can take our personality test

I like to invent games about innovation and entreprenuership. I have invented this test to understand what kind of person you are. I asked myself… What executive role would fit me most if I were to take some responsibility in a company? The test showed that I would be a good Business Advisor. Strange, because I flopped so many times. But maybe, that’s what makes me a good business advisor. Ny now I know what NOT to do when you build a new start-up! Take the test yourself and see what executive role fits you best!