Flop&Go is  a dedicated path to entrepreneurship, where through the deployment of specific sessions our coaches will support you and/or your team to develop entrepreneurially your own idea. Whether the project is to create the new school newspaper or take your scientific experiment to market, our coaches will engage you to think entrepreneurially, to test, to try, to prototype, to make mistakes and to learn from them…

Whether you flop or not, it will be good fun!


Wouldn’t it be cool to come up with an idea for a brand new start-up? To see if that ideas has market potential? FlopClass is a 10 half-days entrepreneurship program for kids aged 12 to 16, who will be involved in the development of a brand new start-up. Of course there is no guarantee of success. But who are we to set limits?

How far will this entreprenerial adventure take us?


FlopCamps are entrepreneurial games where kids aged 12 to 16, motivated to succeed, will team up to experiment with and experience the phases of start-up creation, from ideation to prototyping, from testing to business modelling.
But remember… in the entrepreneurial game, flops are the norm, not the exception!

Will you masterfully succeed or, more likely, gracefully fail?