Cosa é FlopCamp?

FlopCamp é un gioco di ruolo di 5 giorni dove giovani tra i 12 e 16 anni, motivati dal successo,  si mettono in squadra per sperimentare in maniera diretta come si crea impresa. I ragazzi partono dalla fase di ideazione passando a quella di prototipazione, dalla fase di analisi di mercato alla creazione del business model. Ma non dimenticate che creare impresa non é facile e spesso si fallisce. Sí, il flop é la regola, non l’eccezione. 

Riuscirete a creare impresa con maestria, o cosa piú probabile, fallirete con grazia?

Perché FlopCamp?

Forse i tuoi ragazzi sono i prossimi grandi imprenditori. Forse voi stesse siete i prossimi grandi imprenditori, i prossimi innovatori che cambieranno per sempre il futuro e risolveranno le grandi sfide del millennio. Mettete in gioco la vostra creativitá e vedete se avete spirito imprenditoriale!
Al FlopCamp cercherete di innovare e di portare la vostra innovazione sul mercato. Sperimenterete il processo imprenditoriale in squadra, affrontando clienti e competitori, affiancati da coach e tutor. Il divertimento é garantito!

Entrepreneurs: always learning!

Thought of the day: there is never a moment in life when you stop learning! You think you know it all? That your expertise and experience is so wide that you just can't learn anything new? Think again! As etrepreneurs we learn this quickly, and often the hard way....

Flop fast, cheap or forward?

Hi Guys, Me again, and I’d like to contribute to our chat today by sharing some lessons I learned from personal experience. As you may already know, my first attempt to set up a new business was a flop. I can’t go into too many details about it, because I have to...

There is only one way forward: together!

As you know by now, here at FlopCamp we’re not afraid of failing. We think that flops are not necessarily bad. In the real world, some flops have led to great entrepreneurial successes. Do you know what one of the most dreadful mistakes entrepreneurs make? It is to...

But…what is an entrepreneur, after all?

Hi Guys, I’ve been roaming cyberspace again. This time I wanted to find an answer to a simple question. What is an entrepreneur? If you’ve visited the FlopAcademy website even just a couple of times, you’ve probably across that word again and again. So I thought it...

Meet our first Board Members!

Hi All, We cannot change the world alone. We need you! FlopAcademy has taken an important leap forward today by appointing the first 5 members of the Advisory Board... and we are still looking for five more! That's right, when designing our programs for kids we rely...

About CEOs and Entrepreneurs

Would any CEO be able to launch a new business? Possibly. However, holding the position of chief executive officer of a business doesn't qualify someone as an "entrepreneur". There is a difference between those who create a company and those who manage it. They are...

Quando sará il prossimo FlopCamp?

Stiamo lavorando per lanciare il primo FlopCamp a Bruxelles che avra luogo tra il 29 Ottobre e il  2 Novembre 2018. Per sapere quando ne organizzeremo uno vicino a voi, potete tranquillamente contattarci. 


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