What is FlopClass?

FlopClass is an entrepreneurship discovery program tailored to kids from 12 to 16.  During FlopClasses kids will learn the thought process and the practical phases of buiding an innovative start-up.

FlopClasses are a mix of theory and practice, where students and coaches will jointly design a new venture and test the possiblities to make it work.

The program is spread over three months and consists of ten 3-hour sessions in which kids will learn to interact, create, invent, test and validate innovative business ideas with the support of entrepreneurship experts and coaches.

Why FlopClass?

Maybe your child is the next great entrepreneur. Maybe you yourself are the next great entrepreneur, the next gamechanger who will solve our global challenges. Test your creativity and find out if you have an entrepreneurial mindset!
At FlopClass you will understand how entrepreneurs think and execute and will learn to think out-of-the-box. You will experience the entrepreneurial process within a team while engaging with coaches, customers and competitors. Fun is guaranteed!

Preparing for failure

I have met many who have failed their business. I have hardly met anyone who was ready for failure.Pursuing a dream is of course noble, and should be done at all stages of ones life.  We are captured in our dreams. We are looking at our own babies and falling in love...

A conversation with Giordano Dichter

What made you decide to start with FlopAcademy? The decision to start with the FlopAcademy comes from a personal experience. I set up a startup which failed and I did carry out the stigma of a ‘failing entrepreneur’ in Europe. This was really ridiculous: the whole way...

FlopCamp Easter 2019 – The story

Day 1: Challenges and solutions It has been intense... On day 1 we formed the teams and we did team building exercises. We solved challenges, picked solutions and gave names to our teams and products. Team "Toys Gang" decided to help kids to entertain themselves...

Entrepreneurs: always learning!

Thought of the day: there is never a moment in life when you stop learning! You think you know it all? That your expertise and experience is so wide that you just can't learn anything new? Think again! As etrepreneurs we learn this quickly, and often the hard way....

Flop fast, cheap or forward?

Hi Guys, Me again, and I’d like to contribute to our chat today by sharing some lessons I learned from personal experience. As you may already know, my first attempt to set up a new business was a flop. I can’t go into too many details about it, because I have to...

There is only one way forward: together!

As you know by now, here at FlopCamp we’re not afraid of failing. We think that flops are not necessarily bad. In the real world, some flops have led to great entrepreneurial successes. Do you know what one of the most dreadful mistakes entrepreneurs make? It is to...

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