Organize your own local FlopAcademy event

If you are a concerned parent who is willing to give your children the opportunity of understanding how the startup world works… If you are an educator who wishes to integrate our programs within the local educational system… if you are working with/for kids and you want to organize one of our events, just contact us and we will happily talk.

Get involved

FlopAcademy is always on the lookout for interested and committed people to carry on its mission. 

Here are a few ideas on how you can work with us:

If you are a kid over 12 years old, and younger than 17, and you live in the Brussels area, you can apply to become member of the Advisory Board.

You can organize a FlopCamp and/or a FlopClass near you.

You can become a coach and work with us at our events and session.

You can share ideas and talk strategies with us.

Just contact us!