FlopCamp European School of Brussels II Woluwe


An edition of FlopCamp will be held in Brussels on the premises of the European School of Woluwe-St-Lambert from 24 February to 1 March 2019. During the five-day program, participants will experience the phases of creation of a start-up, from ideation to market testing and fabrication.

Remember that flopping is the norm in the start-up world, and the outcomes can be quite uncertain! Let’s see if we can beat the odds together!

What will happen

25 February– Experiencing innovation

A day figuring out how to interact within a team, facing specific challenges, designing solutions and thinking about customers.

26 February – Experiencing the market

Thinking of customers, clients, users and resources,discovering business models, using social media in a different way, digital interactions. 

27 October – Experiencing the market 

A day on the streets interviewing potential customers and validating concepts. Then back to the lab: Did you nail it, or did you flop it?

28 October – Experiencing fabrication

Can we prototype? A visit to the FabLab, where validated concepts will be fabricated and non-validated concepts will be rethought and redesigned. Figuring out what the next steps should be.

1 March – Telling the story

The art of pitching, of creating and telling the story in just 3 minutes. Pitches will be delivered to parents starting from 16h00

Price and registration

Price: 360 Euros

To register for the FlopCamp, please contact the Parents Association of the European School Brussels II Woluwé (APEEE Woluwe)

FlopCamp will accommodate a maximum of 20 participants. This edition is reserved for children of the Euroepan School of Brussels II – WLS. For other editions, please consult our event listings.


We are always happy to answer your questions. You can email them to Giordano at giordano@flopacademy.com or call him at +32 471 30 96 23 (from 5 pm to 8 pm).

General Info

For who: Kids from the European School of Brussels II Woluwe between the ages of 12 and 16. No special requirements … just be creative! 

What to bring along: Lunch and your STIB pass – we will be going to the FabLab and on the streets to take interviews.

Food: Lunch is not included, so bring sandwiches or the like. Fruit and water will be available during the day.

Language: FlopCamp activities will be held in English, but our team is multilingual (French, Italian, Spanish, and more).


When and where

European School of Brussels II Woluwe, Avenue Oscar Jespers 75, 1200, Woluwe St., Lambert

Dates: 25 February -31 March 2019