The team behind FlopAcademy

Giordano Dichter is passionate about entrepreneurship and innovation. He has dedicated his working life to assisting regions and organizations in meeting the needs of entrepreneurs. He has conceived FlopAcemy as an answer to the perennial question: How can we drive cultural change when it comes to entrepreneurship?

Matt Ashley is an engineer and a dedicated teacher of science at the European School in Brussels. He is an enthusiastic supporter of FlopAcademy as an innovative and amusing way to introduce fundamental life concepts to teenagers and young adults.

Giancarlo Canzanelli is a local economic development expert with a lifetime commitment to finding solutions enabling inclusive economic growth. He is an enthusiastic supporter of FlopAcademy as a method to give kids of all cultural and social backgrounds essential tools to participate in mainstream economic activities when they are older.

Alexia Hengl is a lawyer and legal counsel who is supporting the setup and management of FlopAcademy.