15 year old boy from Bulgaria. Computer science and entrepreneurship. Football. Love building computers! I’m part of the Advisory Board as I always am happy to help and I really want to see where this experience will take me and my colleagues.


Hi my name is James and I am 15 and I like playing hockey. Why I am on the board? Because I like helping my friends and love a good challenge.


I am 13 years old and I am a drummer, coder and gamer. I like sciences and I would like to start my own airline company (Dichtair) or build up a videogame creation studio. I have become a member of the board because it can give me the experience I need to start my company and also to participate in something concrete with my friends.


My name is Thomas. I love drawing and football. I cycle alot and hang out with my friends. I am a member of the board because I love creating clever designs. I enjoy working in a team.


15 years. Basket-ball, music and art in general. I just like everything that could be interesting. I am part of the Advisory Board because it is a new experience where i get to meet new people and get more knowledge about entrepreneurship! 


Giordano Dichter is passionate about entrepreneurship and innovation. He has dedicated his working life to assisting regions and organizations in meeting the needs of entrepreneurs. He has conceived FlopAcemy as an answer to the perennial question: How can we drive cultural change when it comes to entrepreneurship?

Lead Advisor

Matt Ashley is an engineer and a dedicated teacher of science at the European School in Brussels. He is an enthusiastic supporter of FlopAcademy as an innovative and amusing way to introduce fundamental life concepts to teenagers and young adults.


Alexia Hengl is a lawyer and legal counsel who is supporting the setup and management of FlopAcademy.


Giancarlo Canzanelli is a local economic development expert with a lifetime commitment to finding solutions enabling inclusive economic growth. He is an enthusiastic supporter of FlopAcademy as a method to give kids of all cultural and social backgrounds essential tools to participate in mainstream economic activities when they are older.

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