I have met many who have failed their business. I have hardly met anyone who was ready for failure.

Pursuing a dream is of course noble, and should be done at all stages of ones life. 

We are captured in our dreams. We are looking at our own babies and falling in love with them. We have difficulties to give them up. We are dumbstruck when we comprehend that these do not withstand a sound reality check. We often are not able to change and to adapt. 

We prepare for failure, without us even knowing.

However, business and dreams sometimes clash, and no matter how persistent you are, sometimes markets just say “no”, for many different reasons, and failure becomes a scenario that needs to be faced.

Preparing to fail

The Question here is: who needs to prepare for failure?

Failing for an entreprenuer is an intense personal experience. It hits hard (believe me, I know!). It entails a long process of acceptance and personal growth and change.  

Moreover, there are external factors, not in control of the entreprenuer, that aggravate the picture. A failure can assume tragic proportions when those surrounding the entrepreneur will not accept it and will harshly stigmatize it.


Getting ready to fail is therefore a cultural issue. We should start accepting failure whether it’s our own or not.  We must start accepting other people’s failure without being judgemental. We need to recognize that the failing process has most likely contributed in the making of a better person. 

At FlopAcademy we provide an opportunity for younger kids to have fun experimenting with the stratup creation process. Understanding and coping with failure is deeply embedded in the process. We do this to prepare our future leaders to learn cope with failure, be it personal or brought about by others.  

Looking forward, we believe it is our duty to help them not make the same mistakes we did, and still do. If we achieve our mission, the world will be a better place.

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