Day 1: Challenges and solutions

It has been intense… On day 1 we formed the teams and we did team building exercises. We solved challenges, picked solutions and gave names to our teams and products.

Team “Toys Gang” decided to help kids to entertain themselves without high-tech devices and decided to create the “Maze Pong“, mixing abilities and reflection in a new concept of a maze game.

Team “KtreG” decided to give a spin to the music world by creating “Fold&Joy“, a foldable loudspeaker functioning without the need of electricity.

Day 2: Is there a market for my idea?

Motivated would-be young entrepreneurs took a look at how innovation works with Lego bricks and came up with the “GRUMEAU”, a hybrid between a crane and a camel. Then they discovered market research playing “Guess who” and developed their typical clients or “personas”. They built their own questionnaire for market research.

Entrepreneurship settling in… Getting ready for the validation test. Will our teams succeed or flop?

Day 3: Researching the market

On day 3 our teams KtreG and Toys Gang validated their concepts. We are very proud.

The questionnaire they prepared on day 2 was uploaded online and onto the FlopAcademy website. They prepared Facebook posts to ask people to fill them in. The results have been outstanding. More than 200 people replied and provided precious feedback to our teams. The teams then hit the streets and engaged people through street interviews coming back with other necessary feedback.

The feedback was later analysed and the teams went back to finalize the design of the Maze Pong and of Fold&Joy.


Day 4: Prototyping

On Day 4 we worked at the FabLab, where team KtreG and Toys Gang spent the day building prototypes. Designs were finalized and then built and assembled using laser cutters, 3D printing and old fashioned glue. Both teams succeeded, and we are very very proud of our boys.

Well done KtreG and Toys Gang!

Day 5: Pitch and commercials

On day 5 our teams worked out their 20-seconds pitch. It has not been easy, but they reached excellent results. They worked on scripts for an ad that we filmed in the afternoon. At lunch break they blew off some steam playing soccer in the park.

It has been great working with you guys, members of KtreG and Toys Gang. Good luck for the future, and remember… don’t be scared of failing!

The Maze Pong



This event has been co-financed by the Brussels Region and supported by the ICAB technology incubator in Etterbeek, Brussels.

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