Thought of the day: there is never a moment in life when you stop learning!

You think you know it all? That your expertise and experience is so wide that you just can’t learn anything new? Think again! As etrepreneurs we learn this quickly, and often the hard way.

Here is a list of things that we have recently learned:

1. Don’t think that because YOU think you are cool, everybody will have the sampe opinion of you!

There might be some to whom your message will resonate, but there will be others who will just think differently. Embracing diversity of thought can only make you a better and more focussed person and entrepreneur.

2. Age is no excuse to stop learning.

Our board of technical advisors is composed of kids ranging from 13 to 15 years of age and there are things that they just understand better and do better than grown-ups. For example Instagram and social media is an obscure reality for me… not for them though!

3. Get help, as alone you can only go so far.

A good team is the key ingredient for success. Being a founder of startup doesn’t make you immediately the best person to solve all the issues you will face in the near future. The “Me, Myself and I” attitude is just going to create problems leding to harsh failure.

Now, as already stated before in this blog, failing is not a problem per se, however, not following these simple rules and not applying an open mind when it comes to developing your own entrepreneurial project will lead to a certain flop… And that is not failing wisely.

At our FlopCamps we train kids to keep an open mind, to test, to iterate, to change and adapt.  We help them achieve an entrepreneurial mindset that will help them in life, even if they choose not to become an entrepreneur after all.

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