As you know by now, here at FlopCamp we’re not afraid of failing. We think that flops are not necessarily bad. In the real world, some flops have led to great entrepreneurial successes.

Do you know what one of the most dreadful mistakes entrepreneurs make? It is to think they can do everything on their own. And that is simply stupid!  You can be excellent at some things, very good at others, OK at some, and just terrible at others. And because entrepreneurship requires a lot of different skills, thinking that you can go it alone will make you flop. Miserably.

“My biggest mistake was trying to do it all myself. As a founder I felt like I knew everything I needed to know about media, content, even the technology involved to reach my audience. And I did. I just didn’t know anything at all about making a viable business: finance, marketing, advertising, and human resources.

After a few years of rapid growth my company had stalled out, and I was spending more time fighting fires than I was doing the stuff I loved (and that made us money).

Hiring a business partner then giving her full scope to do her job felt a little like giving up my company but it was a vital step toward success.”

Leo Laporte, Founder TWIT Network

We at FlopAcademy are keenly aware of the importance of teamwork. That is why we have conceived our programs as role games in which kids will be divided into teams and each team member will have a specific role, well-defined clear responsibility and a duty to engage in heavy teamwork.

Will kids seek the opinion of the other team members while engaging in their role, acting as a team, or will they flop by not listening to and coordinating with one another? 

It takes a team to change the world!


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