Would any CEO be able to launch a new business?


However, holding the position of chief executive officer of a business doesn’t qualify someone as an “entrepreneur”. There is a difference between those who create a company and those who manage it. They are rarely the same person. The job of CEO requires a high level of decision-making capabilities and it comes with great responsibilities, and great responsibilities come with great paychecks. However, the skills to become a CEO can be acquired. Then, as with any other job, talent will make the difference. Viewed from this angle, CEOs are not unlike neurosurgeons, chefs or secretaries. Skills can be acquired and in this way anyone can become reasonably good at anything, but it will take talent to be outstanding.

But for a CEO to become an entrepreneur? Skills and talent might help a lot, but they don’t guarantee the other qualities that an entrepreneur must possess: above all, risk propensity and creativity.

Would any entrepreneur be able to become a CEO?


However, the very same key characteristics that make entrepreneurs what they are usually keep them from becoming great CEOs.  One major mistakes startup founders often make is to think that they can run the business themselves and don’t need a CEO.

The world needs both CEOs and entrepreneurs. But you can BECOME a CEO, while you ARE an entreprenuer. To become a CEO, the path is clear, leading to and from many business schools around the globe. By contrast, nourishing entrepreneurs has not yet entered mainstream education.

We at FlopAcademy think that entrepreneurs need to be fed and bred as much as possible, within the school system and outside of it.

And the sooner, the better!

In the meatime, while you see if you are an entrepreneur… why don’t you take our own personality test and see what role would suit you best if you were working in a company?

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