Hi Guys,

Last night, while you were probably sleeping, I watched Marvel’s new film “Infinity War”. The whole movie got me thinking about this: What would superheroes be without technology and money?

I wondered: How rich do these superguys need to be to have all that technology and stuff? So I did some research and discovered that quite a few people have already looked into the matter. I even found an article with the title “The 5 Richest Superheroes” on Time.com!

The sources I looked at list different superheroes, but practically all of them agree that the richest of them all, by far, is T’Challa, the Black Panther. After all, he owns an entire country. Next, but well behind, come Tony Stark (Iron Man) and Bruce Wayne (Batman).

So, what would happen if the money was just not there?

Would Bruce Wayne still be Batman without all the tech-stuff and the money? What if he were not a rich Gotham City businessman but just an ordinary guy – someone, like many of us, who has a dream and is creative enough to think about how to make it come true, but who lacks the money and means to put his ideas into practice? Would he still be hovering over Gotham City fighting crime and battling for justice?

And what about Tony Stark?  I couldn’t keep my eyes off of Iron Man’s suit. I loved all the gadgets it has. But would Tony still be Iron Man without the huge fortune he has stashed away?

My guess is YES! These superheroes would still be fighting crime and saving the world, but they would be doing it very differently from how they do it now!

To start with, they would need to put food on their table: How can you save the world on an empty stomach?

They would need to find great engineers to build all those wonderful gadgets they use and pay those engineers well enough to keep them happy about their jobs.

So they would need money and they would need a team. Even Batman, the most solitary of the superheroes that I know, has Robin to help him out. Luckily, Infinity War shows us that there is no shortage of superheroes to team up with!

In other words, our superheroes would have to become entrepreneurial!

Just think about it.

An entrepreneur has a dream. It may not be as noble as saving the whole world, but, believe me, every entrepreneur has a dream and is ready to work hard to make it happen.

Whatever that dream is, it boils down to creating new and different things (or ways of doing things). We call this “adding value”, which simply means that entrepreneurs take stuff and transform it in other stuff that people will want to pay for. They need researchers, engineers, developers, and other experts to do all that.

If they don’t have their own money (which is usually the case), they need to find it, and to find it they need to convince people with money to give it to them. This is called “fund-raising” and people with money to put up are called “investors”. So entrepreneurs need to find investors who believe in them and are ready to share the risk.

They need a team, because trying to do everything on their own is possibly the stupidest thing they could ever do.

Back to superheroes. I guess their life would be much tougher. They still would have to fight all the supervillains, but now they would also have to worry about how. So they might have to start making choices. Are the resources available enough to fight off both the Joker AND the Penguin? If not, which of the two is more dangerous? Batman would have to decide which one comes first, which one to tackle himself, leaving the other one to the tender loving care of the Gotham City Police Department. That would be an interesting plot for a new Marvel blockbuster!

Luckily, neither Bruce Wayne nor Tony Stark need to worry. They both inherited their financial empires, and they probably have trusted CEOs to run their businesses. So we can rest easy. Their stomachs are full, there is no shortage of gadgets, no shortage of money, and they have the best and coolest teams anybody could ever want.

They can continue to save the world and we can concentrate on making our own dreams come true.

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