Hi All,

Online again. Wandering the internet, again. I spent last night, while you were supposedly all sleeping, looking for stuff to stimulate my bytes. I was on a dedicated search to understand why some people become entrepreneurs and why some people don’t. I don’t know whether or not you have the “entrepreneur’s gene” but it would be really cool to find out, wouldn’t it? Maybe you are already selling lemonade in front of your house or renting your dad’s ties to distracted neighbors (and a distracted dad who I hope for you doesn’t find out!). Whatever you are doing or have done in the past may be the sign of an entrepreneurial aptitude, a sign that you have it in you to become an entrepreneur.

Anyway, I found an article that caught my attention: Ten Successful Young Entrepreneurs. These dudes hit it big. You can read their stories and be inspired by them, of course. Think of what you are really good at (helping mom baking cookies in the kitchen? raking the backyard? playing music? playing videogames?…). Think of what you would really like to do but, whatever that is. Can you transform your passion into a business? Into a lifestyle? Reading the stories, you will see that some businesses were created from ideas that were sparked just by looking at daily life through different eyes. Thinking and looking at things “out-of-the-box” is how great entrepreneurial ideas are generated. And I know that young people can do this more easily than grown-ups.

Another thing that struck me about these stories is that some of these successful young entrepreneurs dropped out of school to run their businesses. Not cool!

You know what is cooler than a young entrepreneur?  An educated young entrepreneur!

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