We have a need in the EU for more entrepreneurial thinking. There simply isn’t enough of it. And a good shake-up would be beneficial in other continents as well. But what shapes the forms and content of an entrepreneurial mindset? There it is, the million-dollar question. Frankly, here at FlopAcademy we’re not absolutely sure about the answer and we cannot provide you with the secret ingredients which, when combined, produce great entrepreneurs. There is no magic recipe! Certainly, it takes a dose of creativity, a pinch of courage, a handful of risk propensity, and much more. And there is one key ingredient the lack of which will make it difficult for any startup to succeed: Tenacity.

Interesting stat #1: Around 6% of those with an innovative idea actually manage to build a successful startup.

Interesting stat #2: Of those 6%, fewer than 1% succeed in transforming the startup into a unicorn (that is, a privately held startup company valued at over $1 billion).

Again, we do not have a magic recipe, but it is our strong belief that the process needs to begin early in people’s lives, at a younger age than what most entrepreneurship programs are now focusing on. We believe that the most effective way to change the mindset of Europeans is to introduce innovation and entrepreneurship as soon as possible in the development phase of young adults.

Accordingly, we at FlopAcademy have built our programs to be able to stimulate and interest kids in the complex but exciting and entertaining topics of innovation and entrepreneurship, and hopefully to contribute to shaping tomorrow’s entrepreneurs.

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