Why FlopAcademy?

Get a first experience in entrepreneurship!

With the FlopAcademy, we aim to deliver a 360° deep dive into the world of entrepreneurship. Our workshops are designed in such a way that we give a unique opportunity for kids of all ages (from 13 to 99) in helping and encouraging them to discover the ins and outs of setting up a business, from idea to execution.

Practical experience in entrepreneurship

We offer a full introduction and create a mindset of entrepreneurship

For kids between 13 and 99

Our custom-made program targets anyone who wants to learn more about entrepreneurship in a fun and practical way

Organized on your site

We take the program to you.

Creativity and motivation are the only requirement

You don’t need to have a specific background in entrepreneurship. No, we will leverage everything you need to know from scratch!

How to organize a FlopAcademy?

Are you a secondary school aiming to provide an entrepreneurial mindset to your students?

Are you a public sector organization and need to make your employees understand how entrepreneurs think, talk and act?

Are you a private company, wanting your employees to be more entrepreneurial?

FlopAcademy is an entrepreneurship discovery program that you can organize yourself, with our help of course.

Send us an email and let’s start talking.


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What participants think about us

This stage was fun and I learned how to start a startup. Pun intended. The next step is to actually try opening one!


I found it really interesting. I really think I will use this knowledge about the single steps to start a startup. It was very cool. Thank you very much


I think FlopCamp was great. It was a great week. We did lots of things! The best was FabLab!


I thought it was fun working on new things, that I haven’t worked so much with before. I learned loads of new things too.


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